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Door Handle Adapter Circular Stationary Large

Door Handle Adapter Circular Stationary Large


Eeze Out Door Handle Adapter Circular Stationary Large



The Eeze-Out Hands-Free Door Handle Adapter is designed with ease of installation in mind. This easy-to-use door handle adapter doesn’t require drilling holes or replacing your door handles.

Setting it up is simple: all you have to do is fasten the two pieces together with four screws over your existing door handle.

Suitable for circular door handles that don’t twist.

Fits circular handles with a diameter between 51 mm and 54 mm.

Optimal for doors of a lighter or average weight, for example, household doors.

The product includes one adapter for one side of the door.

It comes with 2 x M4 screws and nuts.

Material: PLA (A plant-based, biodegradable plastic)

Colour: White, Grey or Black


204.58 x 63.00 x 82.85 mm


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