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Eeze Protective Barrier

Eeze Protective Barrier


Eeze Protective Barrier



Eeze Self Supporting Protective Transparent Barrier

Easily creates a physical barrier between employees and customers at service counters

Product Overview
The Eeze Self SupportingĀ  Protective Transparent Barrier easily creates a protective barrier shield between employees and customers at service counters as a form of protection throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and to help slow down the spread of the virus while allowing items to be exchanged through the protective barrier.
DIY Installs within seconds No Tools Required
This protective barrier can be easily installed within seconds and will make people feel comfortable especially if there is a constant face to face interaction between employees and customers in close proximity, at various businesses such as Clothing stores, Convenience stores, Doctors Surgeries, and most Retail Type Store settings.
Dimensions of the product is Approx. (LxWxH) Length 61.5cm x Height 58cm x Width 0.3cm


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