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Face Shields

Face Shields


Economical Face Shield

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Economical Eeze Face Shields

• Product Type Full Face Shield Visor Acetate 0.5mm Material
• Designed to prevent the splash, spray, and transfer of fluids to the face
• Provide a second layer of protection and can be disinfected and reused
• Clear visor for maximum visibility.
• Lightweight for maximum comfort.
• Elastic headband for versatile sizing.
• May be worn with or without glasses or goggles

Lightweight economical Face Shields that allow you to just replace the front shield when damaged or soiled.

Easy to use.

Product Use
The Eeze Face Shield help protect your eyes, nose, mouth, and face. This Face Shield also helps extend the effective use of other PPE protection worn behind the shield. This Shield can be easily cleaned with alcohol and used again quickly.


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